It's the original

for Scrabble and other tile-drawing games!

In your choice of colors for the top and case!

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The Tilecan Story

Virtually every other piece of equipment for Scrabble® has been improved by tournament players, from boards and tiles to scoresheets and racks. But the basic bag, besides getting bigger and prettier, hasn't really changed much.

The standard bag flops over the board, spills tiles, takes up too much table space, has corners or folds (or not too uncommonly, holes) that hide the tiles, and offers no protection from unscrupulous players looking at tiles as they draw them.

The Tilecan solves all these problems

It won't fall over. It can't flop over the board, and even if it's knocked off the table tiles rarely fall out. Tiles are never visible in an open bag, and it's easy to put the tiles away with the funnel top.
Its footprint on the table is smaller than almost any tilebag laying on its side-- important when table space is a premium at tournaments.
It's easy to confirm if the bag is empty with a shake, and a quick sweep of the wide-open bottom makes counting the tiles easier.
The elastic opening stays snug around the drawing hand, making it easy to tell if a hand is sneaking out tiles to peek at. The drawing hand has to "pop" out, leaving cheating to the realm of magicians.
There's enough room in the bag to actually get a decent shake of the tiles!

Besides all that, the bag collapses and packs into its own 6.5" round, 3" thick zippered case. It's easy to carry and fit into any bag, and your expensive tiles will never fall out due to a loose drawstring.


Originally, we just wanted a neater solution to the standard tilebag. There's nothing really "wrong" with a tilebag, of course, but we thought there was a better way after seeing some incidents with holey bags or linings, tiles trapped in corners, bags flopping over boards, and spilled tiles or visible tiles in an open bag.

But after a couple of international scandals in the world of tournament Scrabble®, we thought there could be a solution for that problem too. It all came together as the Tilecan™, tested for several years now in various forms at tournaments and clubs all over the world to insure the concept is sound and the material durable.

Designed for tournament play, it's also the best way to play tile-drawing games at home!

We also play other tile games like Carcassonne® and a non-floppy bag to pass around the table comes in handy. A full set of Carcassonne® won't fit in the collapsed bag, but it's small enough to easily carry along with your boxed sets.

The Details

The can itself is 6" across and 7.5" tall, and now available in a large choice of colors. The outer case is about 3" thick, which holds the collapsed bag and 100 Scrabble® tiles snuggly. We have the outer cases in red, blue, black, yellow, purple, and burgandy. The outer case has a logo patch on the side, while the can has no blatant advertising. Assembled by hand, so quantities are limited for now. The latest Tilecans have a snap-out liner that can be washed, with your tiles in it if you tie it off. The price is $22 + shipping.